Sunday Reflection


“Faithful Women”

God saw something in Mary that made her stand out. The angel told Mary that she had found favor with God (Luke 1.30). Maybe it was her deep faith, gracious willingness to contemplate responding favorably to God’s request. God may have known that she would be the ideal mother to

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Don’t Give Up, Take Up!

Jesus admonishes His disciples to take up our cross and follow Him (Luke 9.23). Following Jesus is not something we simply do on Sundays, but is an ongoing part of the journey of life. We cannot select when it is convenient for us to follow Jesus. Either we are followers

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The Birmingham Children’s Campaign

The Birmingham Movement, Project C (Confrontation), was defiantly built upon the desire of young people becoming involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King was hesitant about using young people in the Movement. Rev. Shuttlesworth insisted that young people be included. When radio DJs (Tall Paul) sent the word through

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